No divide on wind farms

Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson says claims about wind farms are fraudulent.
Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson says claims about wind farms are fraudulent.


GREENS candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson has hit back at claims made by local MP Bruce Scott, saying the only thing that is fraudulent in relation to wind farms are the “claims made by the anti-wind lobby”.

“It is unfortunate that Mr Scott has once again allowed himself to be deceived by just a couple of people on this renewable energy source,” Mr Newson said.
“These people can’t even tell the truth about the numbers that attended the rally in Canberra.
“The majority of reports had the anti-wind rally around the 100 mark, which included the press contingent, and the pro-wind rally over 1000.
“Even Mr Allan Jones was obviously disappointed with the turnout, showing that the truth about any impacts and community support for renewable energy far outweighs even a heavyweight radio chatterbox and fallacies being spread around.
Mr Newson says it is obvious that the LNP does not want any form of renewable energy allowed within Australia because miners might lose a few dollars.
“Unlike the CSG industry that has every impact possible including health and noise, which Mr Scott seems to ignore, wind farms have absolutely no scientific evidence of any impact over many, many decades,” he said.
“Claims from Mr Scott that wind farms are ‘dividing communities in his electorate’ and are a ‘feel-good option that doesn’t deliver’ shows even he is clutching at straws.
“If Mr Scott thinks that companies like AGL would spend billions of dollars on a project because it makes them feel good, he had better comfort their shareholders.
“If any division in communities is being caused, it is by only by ill-informed people continually trying to fill people’s heads with garbage.”

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