Readers have their say on Town Hall loos

The Southern Downs Regional Council plans to demolish the toilets behind the Warwick Town Hall the week after next…readers have had plenty to say about the issue on the Free Times Facebook page after the toilets were closed to the public this week – here’s another letter to the editor from an elderly local resident who had an unfortunate experience recently…
“Well, it has happened! Wednesday, I was busting and hurried to the toilet block in the Town Hall carpark, only to see the red barricade and sign, “To be demolished”.
Not only was I physically affected, I was mentally affected, too. I had this stinking thinking towards Councillors Rod Kelly, Yve Stocks, Cameron Gow and Mayor Dobie, who decided on this action, and I was medically affected also – my blood pressure went up too.
Then I thought, it is Lent, I should be more charitable. So I thought, “Forgive these four councillors, they don’t know what they are doing”. But they should know what they are doing. They were elected to improve our lifestyle, and make the community happy, instead they are probably the most destructive council in memory, and we are all unhappy, with threatening thoughts about what we are going to do at the next election.
Surely, when looking at the toilet block, the council considered a ‘Plan B’ – they could have accepted the kind gentleman’s offer to paint the block and install gates.
The council still has time to rescind their decision. They would regain some respect and credibility, and we would all be a bit happier in wonderful Warwick.”
– Name withheld by request

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