Survey shows what keeps parents up at night

A statewide survey has revealed the top three concerns keeping Queensland parents awake at night.
Encouraging kids to be fit and healthy, managing screen time and dealing with kids’ emotional outbursts are the three biggest worries facing parents in the Sunshine State right now, according to a Triple P – Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) survey of almost 2000 parents.
Some 52 per cent of parents surveyed said encouraging kids to live a healthy lifestyle was in their top three concerns, followed by 43 per cent of parents who said managing screen time was a major worry.
And 36 per cent of parents said they worried about how their children dealt with emotions such as temper tantrums, and 28 per cent said managing disobedience and dealing with bullying was a concern.
The survey canvassed the hot topic of bullying, with 40 per cent of parents saying their child had been bullied – 84 per cent in person by another child, 27 per cent by siblings, and 14 per cent online and via social media.
Parenting expert and Triple P founder Professor Matt Sanders said the best way for parents to encourage children to be healthy, avoid screen dependence and manage their emotions was to be a good role model.
“So much of our children’s behaviour is a mirror of our own, so I encourage parents to show by their actions how to make healthy choices, sensibly manage screen time and handle emotions appropriately,” he said.
“Triple P programs are also free in Queensland through a state-funded initiative so parents who want to know more about positive parenting can visit to sign up for free sessions.”
Professor Sanders said the survey showed a major shift over the past 12 months in the way parents are disciplining their children, with 52 per cent of parents now saying they never smack their children compared to 41 per cent in last year’s survey.
An estimated 160,000-plus parents have received free Triple P support since the State Government launched open, voluntary access to the evidence-based program in mid-2015.
Parents can visit to find out how and where to access free group, one-on-one and online parenting support across the state. Emergency support is also available through Parentline.

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