Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery presents ‘Separate Realities’ – Denis Brockie – ‘Retrospective’ and ‘Response to Nature’, Maggie Brockie – exhibition from 12 October to 26 November.
Michael Pospisil, Southern Downs artist said: “It is a great exhibition. Seeing them en masse it is quite powerful”.
Denis Brockie spoke on abstraction in art.
“For me, abstraction begins and ends with paint on canvas. Much of the intrigue is to do with the physical nature or ‘presence’ of the material.
“Without subject, topic or literal reference, abstracts arise from the realms of disorder, the unconscious and unutterable.
“In fact, language itself can be as much a barrier as an entree to abstraction which can offer us a moment, however brief – to step off the tram-car that is our life.
“The method used on most of my abstracts involves a large dollop of the unanticipated, inherent in a fluid medium. This can produce passages of more life and spontaneity than preconceived or deliberate attempts.
“Gradually the work becomes an accumulation of layers of small incidents – of visual interest – which must be coaxed into a cohesive whole without being suffocated.
“This is the fine line, seeking a balance between the power of chaos and the restraint of imposing an underlying sense of order.
“The purpose of the exercise is to concentrate an unruly mind and produce an object for contemplation and maybe delight.”
The Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery is celebrating the 30th anniversary in its current space showcasing the largest regional art collection, from 30 November to 21 January.

Art Prize 2018
The Stanthorpe Art Prize 2018 will take place in June next year.
More information about the art prize may be found at www.stanthorpeartprize.org.au
If you have any questions please contact Mary Findlay at artprize@srag.org.au or on (07) 4681 1874.

Exhibition showcases region’s creative youth
Warwick Art Gallery hosted the official opening and awards presentation for their Burst2 Youth exhibition last weekend. Over 200 guests celebrated the talent of young local artists aged 6 to 25 years.
Twenty seven young artists received Excellence or Encouragement awards presented to them by Lewis von Stieglitz, representing sponsor Warwick Credit Union, and Warwick Art Gallery director Karina Devine.
Ms Devine was thrilled with the entries received and the talent that the exhibition is able to showcase.
“It was such a pleasure receiving each and every entry,” Ms Devine said.
“Our young artists were so proud of their entries. This really highlights the value of creative activity to foster self confidence. The young artists are exploring a whole range of media too, including traditional painting and drawing to graphic cartoons, photography, artists books and 3D printing.”
Among the award winners was seven-year-old Ella Winfield, who received an encouragement award for her photograph “Lizard on the Tree”. Ella’s mother Sara Winfield told the gallery that Ella was excited to be a part of the exhibition.
“For Ella to win an encouragement award it is going to grow and develop her interested in art and photography,” Ms Winfield said. “We are very grateful for the opportunity.”
Here is the complete list of all the winners
Excellence Awards
Annabel Cory, Under the Sea.
Alice Fowles, Breathe.
Morgan Gander, Elton John.
Amali Millard, Decaying Staircase.
Brianna Paradas, Withering Lea.
Nuala Pierce, Mrs Potts and Chip.
Jacqueline Richmond-Clay, Contemplation.
Karl Stidolph, The Great Swan.
Encouragement Awards
Prisca Albendia, Colours of Music.
Billy Baker, Picasso.
Anu Woodruff, Becker Elixir.
Penne Edwards, Colour Magic.
William Gilmore, Hugh Jackman.
Genevieve Hawes, A Leaf of Hope.
Grace McCarthy, 571, 455, 118, 110.
Jade Moon, Packing House.
Rikkie Moon, Spring Has Started.
Jessica Mullaly, Morning Mist.
Alex Naughton, Reflections.
Melody Rampling, Tea Time.
Lauren Ryan, Squares and Concentric Circles.
Mohini Sarkar, Perks of Being Pointless.
Luke Stephenson, Technology: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Sophie Waples, Sit Up Straight (Self Portrait).
Jessica Welsh, Girl on a Swing.
Ella Winfield, The Lizard on the Tree.
Lachlan Woodside, Mum’s Gift.
Burst2 will be on display until 23 December. Don’t miss this opportunity to share the exceptional creative talents of young artists living on the Southern Downs.
The gallery gratefully acknowledges sponsors Rose City Shoppingworld, Warwick Credit Union, Helen Harm Real Estate, Rose City Artz n Framing and the Barnard family.

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Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery presents ‘Separate Realities’ – Denis Brockie – ‘Retrospective’ and ‘Response to Nature’, Maggie Brockie – exhibition from 12 October to 26 ...