Reduced fees attractive

By Casey O'Connor

As the start of the season for all football codes approaches, Football Stanthorpe is hoping clubs will reduce sign on fees this season to make playing football a more affordable and therefore more attractive option for parents.

In 2019 by the former executive of Stanthorpe Football announced some funding would be returned to each club by way of donation from the parent body. The 2020 board supports the decision and funding has been distributed to clubs in line with the announcement.

While there is no specific requirement for clubs to use this subsidy for any particular purpose it is hoped that the initiative will directly result in a reduction of sign on fees.

It is understood that the majority of clubs have chosen to use the funding in this way and Stanthorpe City Football Club has already announced a reduction in fees for the 2020 season. Club registrar Peter Biddulph said the club hoped it would make it (playing football) a more viable option for families especially those who have several children involved or wishing to play.

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