No complaints about the rain

Keith Jones and Bill Pyne (Stanthorpe GreenKeeper) will be hoping snorkel and flippers are not required to get on the Stanthorpe course this weekend.

By Casey O'Connor

It was not a case of the early birds getting the worm on Saturday at the Stanthorpe Golf Course – more a case of the early birds getting wet. That almost forgotten commodity “rain” caused havoc with sporting events across the region and golf was not exempt however there were no complaints.

It was not surprising that although a few early birds almost got a full round done and dusted on Saturday the official Single Stableford event was cancelled.

Matt and Nikki Waterworth who were the day’s sponsors will no doubt find an appropriate time and event to support over the coming months.

Of far more importance however was the drenching that the thirsty greens and fairways received.

The resident ducks ‘Roos and the struggling grass are extremely grateful.

The race for the 2020 Stanthorpe ‘Golfer of the Year’ is far from a sprint – a competition for the stayers among those who regularly swing a club and commence with the first single event in January. Players accumulate points for their finishing position in each single event they play during the year. The higher the finish in any given event the more points accrued.

In the race for the men’s crown 20 points is the maximum a player can be awarded in any single event while for the ladies 10 points is the maximum. Obviously the higher the finish the more points scored.

On the flip side the least number of points that can be earned is one point (awarded for playing in the competition – (I fear I’d be earning a lot of those one pointers).

Currently all players are eligible to accrue points however after March 1 players must be financial members to remain in the competition.

Sponsors of the 2020 Golfer of the Year are Rossow Fuels (Men’s) and Gracious Giving continue their sponsorship of the ladies’ event. The club players and all involved thank those involved for their support and will continue until the final single event in November. This year, Rossow Fuels are sponsoring the men’s event and Gracious Giving is continuing their sponsorship for the ladies.

This Saturday players will be hoping for kinder conditions although no-one would begrudge more rain and according to the forecast a set of flippers and a snorkel may not be out of place in your golf bag. Or at least a good golf brollie.

Helloworld are the sponsors of the Single Stableford competition. If you are looking to travel further than the 18 holes of the Stanthorpe; look no further than Gerard Torrisi and the helpful staff of Helloworld for your travel advice.

In the meantime prepare for an 11.30am tee off on Saturday and there is a time sheet on the board in the club house.

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