By Casey O'Connor

Shane McLaughlan was first into the winner’s circle at Sporters on Sunday after their week lay-off due to the Stanthorpe Open. Runner up Cody Leotta headlined a good day out for the Leotta family who did not leave many scraps for the remainder of the field. There were Leotta’s everywhere. Casey returned the Best Gross and also cleaned up the Pro Pin. The run-downs went to Aaron Simmers and you guessed, another Leotta, Paul. The Pin Shot at the 12th went unclaimed but Terry Byrnes collected at 17. The meat trays went home with the overall winner Shane McLaughlan and fresh from her win in the medal of Medallist on Saturday, Nikki Waterworth.

Sporters are back on track and tee off this weekend at the normal summer time of 7.30-8.00am.

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