Keyboard warriors always busy

By Casey O'Connor

Sport often brings out the best in supporters, volunteers and participants and is entrenched in the Australian psyche.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes bring out the worst in people. In the past week I think I have seen the worst of the worst.

Last weekend jockey Tye Angland and his wife attended Randwick races. It was the popular hoops first visit to the races and foray into the public eye since it was confirmed that he faces life in a wheel chair following a horror fall at Sha Tin several months ago. Despite several surgeries Angland and his family are facing a difficult journey.

I was horrified to hear that since that announcement, faceless and obviously ill informed and gutless trolls have targeted the family from the anonymity and safety of their keyboards.

To give you an idea, I will reluctantly and with apology share a couple of the vile comments.

“Why didn’t he (Angland) get put down since his legs don’t work. They shoot a horse when that happens.”

Another asked: ‘Does this mean he gets put down… you’re more than willing to do it to a horse.’

I am sure these disgraceful comments will spark the same level of disgust and outrage in readers as it has me.

I cannot comprehend the ‘why’ in this. It begs the question from what planet do these ignorant and contemptible people come. Surely, they don’t walk among normal Australians be they sport lovers or not.

Among the spite and vitriol posted by those who seek the banning of horse racing, thankfully there were hundreds of messages of support for the Angland family.

Members of the racing industry, Angland’s cohorts and every day Australian’s are sure to get behind the family and offer them the support they will need as they have done for far too many in the past.

The trolls meanwhile should be wary of “Karma” because it can and often is a B###H.


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