John Dee China exports suspended: Littleproud

Federal Agriculture Minister and Maranoa MP David Littleproud has confirmed meat exports to China from Warwick’s John Dee abattoir have been suspended, due to the detection of a substance known as chloramphenicol.

In a statement released to the Free Times late today – Friday 28 August – Mr Littleproud said his department has been “notified that an Australian meat establishment – John Dee in Warwick – has been suspended by Chinese authorities due to the detection of a substance known as chloramphenicol”.

“I have spoken to the establishment and they believe they have traced the source of this substance,” Mr Littleproud said.

“My Department is working with the establishment to give Chinese authorities assurance around this incident and to have the establishment re-listed after appropriate investigation.”

Chloramphenicol is understood to occur naturally in stock feed at low levels but in synthetic or man-made commercial form is used as an antibiotic.

It is not indicated at this stage how long the suspension on John Dee meat exports to China will remain in place.

Comment is being sought from John Dee management and more information from Chinese authorities.


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