Top-quality auto parts, and made right here in Warwick

Mal Wood and team are proud to manufacture high-quality automotive components right here in Warwick.

Mal Wood is big on buying local – and buying Australian-made – and stands by automotive components made by his longstanding Warwick business, because those parts bear his name.

Situated on Lyons Street in Warwick Mal Wood Automotive is well-known in the local area for offering general vehicle servicing and repairs to get you back on the road and to keep you there.

The business is also known both in the region and much further afield as specialising in all kinds of automotive upgrades and renovations for performance and specialised leisure vehicles, as well as your ‘day-to-day’ wheels.

But it might surprise many to know that engineering and manufacturing their own parts and components is a significant part of the Mal Wood Automotive operation, from design through to machining and finishing and installation.

Not only are these parts Australian-made, they’re manufactured right here in Warwick.

Among others Mal Wood Automotive makes rear cases, extension housings, bellhousings, engine plates and adaptors, in-house ‘Ace’ brand clutches, bearing kits, hydraulic components and crossmembers and mounts.

Another Mal Wood Automotive (MWA) brand is ‘Ultimate Street’ – the name given to their range of short-throw street shifters, a range which like the other Mal Wood Automotive product lines is constantly evolving and expanding.

Bringing out the best in your vehicle is what the team at Mal Wood Automotive aims to achieve, delivering superior driveline packages as Mal puts it “from the flywheel to the diff”.

They use 40 years of design, manufacturing and knowledge to supply components that enable you to bring a classic car, muscle car or current model performance vehicle to life through the driveline.

Mal Wood Automotive is also a leading transmission supplier in Australia and an ELITE distributor for the TREMEC range of superior 5 and 6 speed transmissions.

• Find out more at and on the Mal Wood Automotive Facebook page, visit them at 42 Lyons Street, Warwick or give the friendly team a call on 4661 3548.


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