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Given the concerning state of our world community members have a lot to consider when casting your vote in this 2020 Queensland Local Government election. As a candidate I can offer you loyalty, dedication, honesty, experience as a Councillor and a willing ear to listen to your needs and concerns. Aside from all on offer as far as what the many capable candidates feel they wish to deliver, you have to decide on people you feel you can trust, respect, are worthy of you faith and willing to take your messages to the SDRC table for action and the best possible outcome. The Southern Downs region is a magnificent part of the world, we are so very fortunate to be part of it. I have shown the passion and commitment to our region’s wellbeing in the past, and look forward to your support for that opportunity again.

Contact – Phone: 0400 811 093 Email: Facebook – Glyn Rees – for Southern Downs Regional Council


I have 16 years’ experience in Local Government and if re-elected my focus will be to continue to deal with Drought, Water Security, Bushfire and Emergency Management, while providing the best possible service to the community. I have always and will continue to be a strong supporter of ideas and actions that better prepare for the sustainability of our region into the future. The most enjoyable part of being a Councillor is helping individuals and community groups achieve whatever it is that they would like to achieve within the framework of local government. Thank you for the opportunity as it is an absolute honour and a privilege being able to represent the Southern Downs and Granite Belt.

Contact – Phone 0427 752 275 Email:


Given the series of challenges that Southern Downs Region has faced over the last 12 months from droughts, floods, bushfires and now COVID19, the Southern Downs needs a strong leadership team to represent the public interests. I have been heartened by the positive response I have received from the Community and would like to thank those that have supported me during this campaign period. • Secure Water Infrastructure • Regional Business Development • Regional Youth Development • Support for the Agri-Sector.

Contact – Phone: 0456 666 020 Email:


“As a resident of the Southern Downs, I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethical principles.” If you want open, accessible and transparent local government, then I ask that you vote for me. I am not interested in “behind closed doors, backroom deals” or fostering a “bullying and harassment” culture. I want an inclusive Council that values employees, ratepayers and visitors to the same high standards as other successful Councils do. I want Council meetings accessible by all residents and ratepayers who can come and engage proactively with their Council, afterhours. I want a Council that seeks full proper public opinion before making major decisions or pronouncements that will affect the future of the Downs.

Contact – Phone: 0497 469 303


If you don’t already know me, or my policies, please go and visit my website or follow me on facebook at @vic4mayor I have visions to create a better community where you can TRUST your leaders again, where you have leaders that LISTEN and not talk, and a council that CARES. One that is run by the elected officials in your best interests and is an employer of choice. But since COVID-19 is the topic we can’t all get away from let me say this: We will defeat this, BUT ONLY IF we work to a national plan. Council must not make decisions, on a crisis of this level, that go against the advice of the Federal and State governments. Our job as local leaders is to provide stability, clarity, preserve governance and remain calm. Facebook and self-appointed local experts are not a source of sound advice. I will be a mayor that listens, takes advice, remains calm, and makes clear decisions that protect safety, and the vital economy of our region in accordance with higher government directives. This is not the time for every man for themselves.

Contact – Phone: 0412 909 882 Email: Facebook – Vic4Mayor Web –


I AM CHOOSING to stand for re-election because I would be honoured to represent you within the Southern Downs Regional Council. I WILL NOT SHY AWAY from my responsibility to make decisions that benefit the community. I WILL SUPPORT decisions that align with a meaningful vision for our Region.

Water Security – Certainly the most pressing issue at hand, water security, is the subject around most dinner tables these days. How can we better prepare for the future?

Attracting Industries – Diversity is the key for ongoing growth. We believe that the drought will break and that Agriculture will bounce back, but how do we future-proof our economy?

Developing Tourism – Wine Tourism, Sports Tourism and Events, all attract visitors to our region and further supports our smaller towns. Let’s create meaningful initiatives.


I said from the beginning if you are looking for a councillor who is going to stand up and talk for hours, then I am not the councillor for you. I believe in fewer words and more action. I believe in the voice of the residents being heard and I come armed with ideas on how that can occur. Never before has the Southern Downs had a greater need for strong, fair and compassionate leadership. On the back of bushfires, drought and now COVID 19, this region needs councillors who are prepared to stand up and fight for the rights of its residents. Meeting you all over the past four weeks has shown me there are so many areas we can improve on – water security, openness, transparency, economic growth, red tape, bullying within council walls, waste, delegated authorities and tourism are just the tip of the iceberg. I promise, if elected, I will not let your concerns go unheard and I will not be afraid to stand up for you.

Contact – Phone: 0484 843 686 Email: russellwantling@hotmail.comFacebook – Russell Wantling for SDRC


WOW, what an election! Coronavirus, everyone voting early, some frayed tempers, but it seems we will elect a new Council after all of it. At meet-the candidate meetings, on my Facebook page, and in my newspaper ads I’ve always raised real issues. I’ve asked questions, I’ve offered my opinions and ideas for the future. Why? Because getting elected as a Councillor is not a beauty contest (thank God for that!), nor a competition of who’s done the most community service (all the candidates are very community minded). Elections should be a contest of ideas. So, I’m happy to share my ideas. I’m also happy to have them critiqued. I won’t support selling the saleyards. I want the pest management scheme reviewed. I want more transparency in Council. I want a balanced budget and want the grass mown and I want less PR and more genuine conversations with residents.

Contact – Facebook – Stephen Tancred for Council on Facebook


The Southern Downs and Granite Belt has a huge significance for me with my mother, Shirley (née Cronin), born in Allora. My father, Jim, was born in Stanthorpe. My wife’s family, Benz and Fearby, are from the Allan and Karara districts. All families were among the first settlers and early pioneers of the Southern Downs and Granite Belt districts. I have over 40 years experience in banking and finance, specialising in agriculture, small and commercial business with qualifications in Accounting and Banking & Finance. I am a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and have completed the Company Directors Course of Australia. I have the region’s communities and residents at heart and have enjoyed serving them the past 4 years.

Contact – Phone: 0427 224 280 Email:


I fell in love with and moved to the Southern Downs in 2009. The community welcomed me with such open arms, I felt immediately at home. Although not born here, I believe the important thing is that I chose to live here, and continue to choose to live here…. I choose you. Over the years whilst co-owner of the award winning luxury accommodation property Alure Stanthorpe, I’ve actively supported the community throughout the entire region. I’ve passionately promoted its wonders and represented the thoughts and opinions of those who feel they have no voice. Regardless of where you live in the region, big town or small: You deserve a say… You deserve to be heard… “Because YOU deserve to be valued”.

Contact – Phone: 0491 749 366 Facebook – Marion Carrick for Council


AT THE HEART OF IT ALL IS COMMUNITY. Our residents, young and old, are my motivation; my focus, their immediate needs and what we need to achieve for the future.

CENTRAL TO THIS IS WATER SECURITY. I will get the important things done; make the hard decisions now and for the future: Put water security front and centre of the agenda for our region which has paid the dreadful price of inactivity by previous Councils.

WE WILL COME OUT OF THIS DROUGHT STRONGER. The heart and soul of the Southern Downs will endure and be enhanced by the experiences we’ve shared; we will chart an exciting future for each of our communities as we build opportunities for current and future generations.

I GIVE YOU INTEGRITY, ENERGY AND COMMITMENT. I will lead your Council to a shared vision for a place where we engage with each other, where we build on our attributes and aspirations and encourage visitors to share. I will continue to deliver; I will continue to be pro-active in seeking funding and exploring opportunities to develop an ever more diverse economy.


I have no agenda and no political affiliation. I am a candidate to represent you. With busy times ahead, a tough economic climate, households and businesses struggling, and an unsure future, we will need optimistic and enthusiastic people at the helm to steer us. Looking forward, our region will need to consolidate and plan for the care and well-being of each other. Your most important assets are your family and neighbours. Get to know them, share with them, protect and trust them. The machine that governs our communities will keep operating, work with them and be patient. As a novice Councillor I can only guarantee constituents one thing for sure – I will do my very best.

Contact – Phone: 0428 614 024 Email:


My wife and I currently own and operate the Granite Belt Motel and Pink Poppies in Stanthorpe. Prior to this I had a successful career with the QRL, Stanthorpe Sports Association, Suncorp Bank and the Commonwealth Bank. What i will support if elected: 1. Greater transparency, accountability, genuine engagement and consultation 2. Full review of SDRC Pest Management Scheme 3. Full review of ‘Service Levels’ of town entrances, parks, gardens and council infrastructure 4. Full review of Council procurement process to improve local business opportunities 5. Emu Swamp Dam, including possible partnership, plus investigating other ‘new’ water solutions for the wider region 6. Full review of Tourism Marketing and Economic Development Model it’s Time for change.

Contact – Phone: 0439 735 865 Email: Facebook – Michael Jensen for Council


We are in for some tough times as Mayor I will endeavour to get the shire together and keep the dollars and work local. By buying local and supporting the local businesses this encourages job growth and stability by offering young people and families work in the area. For businesses to survive there needs to be a stable economic platform from which to build, there needs to be access to reliable and cheap power, reliable and consistent access to water, schools, hospitals, doctors and social investment to encourage people to call the Southern Downs Regional Shire area home. The Council can identify and support key industries that drive economic development. Like shovel ready infrastructure projects.

Contact Phone – 0428 453 401 Email:


I am eager to make a positive difference in the Southern Downs community. I will achieve this by working collaboratively with all stakeholders across all locations in the Southern Downs. Vision • For the Southern Downs to be an outstanding place to live, work, conduct business and play and for Council to achieve this by working collaboratively and innovatively with and for the people, organisations and businesses. Focus areas • Engage in honest, open, timely and regular discussions with the community, community groups, businesses and business organisations. • Water security • Road maintenance and upgrades • Parks and grounds maintenance and upgrades • Minimize rates and red tape as much as possible • Increase rubbish recycling • Re-examine de-amalgamation and receive a definitive determination from the State Government.

Contact – Phone: 0428 551 863 Email: Facebook – Greg Grant for Council SDRC


Yangan resident for 35 years, an investment property in Warwick, knowing the issues of town & country, married 34 years, 3 adult children. A passionate active community member of Warwick RSL, Southern Downs Residents Action Group, assistant secretary Leukaemia Foundation Warwick. Volunteering, listening, advocating, encouraging a united community for amicable, logical, positive outcomes in my town & further afield, having a track record of dealing with local members, ministers & government depts at all levels gaining major projects. keeping my finger on the pulse witnessing disillusioned rate payers in our local government region, a grassroots voice without personal agenda, speaking up for the greater good, albeit at times, to my own detriment, I’m committed… ”Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way”.

Contact – Phone: 0407 613 837 Email: Facebook – Jenn Greene-Galloway for Council


As a long-standing resident of the Southern Downs, I aim to continue service to our community, as an elected member of Southern Downs Regional Council. I have a proven track record identifying issues through collaboration with community members, leading to the implementation of suitable and sustainable solutions to achieve positive outcomes. I bring to the SDRC table a well-rounded and robust skill set. I value collaboration, clear communication, transparency of processes and can see, with 2020 vision, a progressive and productive future for all living in our diverse communities. I will listen. I will act with honesty and integrity, energy, creativity and enthusiasm to continue to positively shape our Southern Downs.

Contact – Phone: 0438 665 440. Facebook – Julia Keogh for Councillor


Hi, my name is Scott Christensen. I reside on the outskirts of Allora (4th generation in the Southern Downs); cattle farmer and contractor, my wife and I also own a small business in Warwick. Bronnie and I have been married for 28 years. We have 4 great kids and 3 terrific grandkids. We have been heavily involved in the Allora community over the years – Allora Landcare, Allora Show Society, and Allora State School P&C – to name a few. My visions as a new councillor are to work with my fellow councillors as a team, to bring the whole region together and support one another through these tough, economical times.

Contact – PHONE: 0407 466 292 EMAIL:


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