Early voting starts this Monday 16

Candidate nominations for the 2020 Southern Downs Regional Council election closed last Tuesday 3 March, with four candidates nominating for mayor and 26 for councillor.

Standing for mayor are –

• Tracy Dobie

• Vic Pennisi

• Peter Kemp

• Joe Doepel

Standing for councillor are (sitting councillors indicated with ‘Cr’)

• Ross Bartley

• Paola Cabezas

• Marion Carrick

• Scott Christensen

• Robert Ettery

• Andrew Gale

• Marco Gliori

• Cameron Gow (Cr)

• Greg Grant

• Jenn Greene-Galloway

• Amanda Harrold

• Max Hunter

• Michael Jensen

• Gregory Johnson

• Rod Kelly (Cr)

• Julia Keogh

• Sue Laws

• Barbara Marsden

• Cynthia McDonald

• Jo McNally (Deputy Mayor – Cr)

• Marika McNichol (Cr)

• Glyn Rees

• Yve Stocks (Cr)

• Stephen Tancred

• Russell Wantling

• Sheryl Windle (Cr)

Voting at the election is by the ‘attendance’ method at your local polling station. Pre-poll or early voting (anyone can vote before election day itself) is available from this coming Monday 16 March at the following locations –

• Warwick – Warwick Town Hall, Palmerin Street, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm

• Stanthorpe – Anglican Church Hall, 2 Corundum Street, Stanthorpe, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm

Election day is Saturday 28 March. To find your nearest polling station on election day and for enquiries with assistance with voting visit the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) online at www.ecq.qld.gov.au or call the ECQ on 1300 881 665.

Voting method…

For the mayor –

Voting is optional-preferential –

• Vote one – vote for only one candidate by placing a one (1), tick or cross in the square opposite the name of your preferred candidate

• Vote for some or all – vote for some or all by placing a one (1) in the box of your preferred candidate. You can then number some or all of remaining boxes in order of your preference according to the instructions on the ballot paper

For the councillors –

• Eight councillors to be elected, voting is ‘first past the post’

• You’ll mark the box next to the eight candidates of your choice – with ticks/crosses/number 1 to 8 (each has equal value)

More info…

• For more information on how to cast your vote visit www.ecq.qld.gov.au or call the ECQ on 1300 881 665

• On the ECQ website you can also access information relating to individual candidates, including their registers of gifts and donations

Meet the Candidates –

• Freestone Hall tomorrow, Friday 13 March from 5.30pm. Hot Pot Dinner and Conversation. All prospective Councillors are invited to attend and chat with rural constituents about what is important on the Southern Downs. No entry fee, bar open, dinner $5, please bring sweets/dessert to share. Call Kerry on 0429 648 095.

• The Killarney and District Senior Citizens invite Southern Downs Regional Council candidates to a question and answer event at the Killarney Senior Citizens Centre on Saturday 21 March at 1.30pm. Public all welcome. Enquiries to 4664 1208.

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