Bore testing at Allora next week

The Southern Downs Regional Council says as part of its “work to establish supplementary water sources in the Southern Downs, bore testing will start in Allora” this Monday 26 August.

In a statement the council said contractors “have been engaged by Council to carry out necessary condition assessments and bore pump tests on a number of existing SDRC-owned bores”.

“The testing will assess how reliably the bores can produce a sustainable water flow and the capacity of the bores to meet residential demand,” the statement said.

“Residents in Allora may be affected by potential noise generated during scheduled testing as water will be pumped from the bores at a constant rate for up to 72 hours to assess productivity.

“The nature of the testing would require water to flow unrestricted and unable to be recaptured, reused or returned to the bore.

“Council is mindful of the need to preserve dwindling water supplies and save water wherever possible.

“However, we have been advised that it is important and necessary that the pumped water flow freely away from the bore site to ensure testing accuracy.

“While capturing the water into tanks or trucks has been considered, it has been assessed as unviable in this instance.

“For more information visit or contact SDRC on 1300 697 372.”

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