A masterful wine plan…

Master of Wine Andrew Corrigan.

Aussie wine lovers will have access to the expert commentary of a ‘Master of Wine’ in their own home this winter, as the Granite Belt delivers live digital wine tastings.

This is first for the Granite Belt, with 12 wineries partnering with Andrew Corrigan, MW (Master of Wine) to provide a series of digital tasting sessions to enhance the at home tasting experience for wines ordered for home delivery.

With 30 years of wine educating behind him, Andrew Corrigan, MW will host live sessions, guiding drinkers through the tastes of the 12 selected Granite Belt wines, each from a different winemaker.

“People are really taking to the concept of digital wine tastings in recent months, because they can be transported off to a beautiful wine region for just a little while in their own lounge room,” said Mr Corrigan. “I am really pleased to be showcasing Granite Belt wines in this way and it will be an enjoyable journey as I will be live interviewing 12 winemakers in the process.”

“We will be tasting three wines in each fortnightly session and sometimes people are concerned if the wines will keep once opened, but if they are kept chilled straight after the tasting the three bottles can be still enjoyed at their best in the following three days,” explains Mr Corrigan.

“Wine tasters are really going benefit from Andrew’s unique understanding of wine and on top of that in each session they’ll be meeting and hearing insights from the winemakers too,” explained Andy Williams, digital tastings organiser and winemaker at Hidden Creek Wines. “Andrew will be joined by three winemakers in each session, interviewing them and getting the story behind the three wines being tasted”

“Andrew offered his expert services and we jumped at the opportunity to let our drinkers not only listen to Andrew, but even ask questions of him during the sessions,” said Mr Williams.

“There’s some really exciting tastes in the dozen that’s been selected, including a quality Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, plus there’s going to be some rarer varieties in there that drinkers are less familiar with”, promised Mr Williams.

“We at Hidden Creek Wines and also Heritage Estate Wines will be putting a Tempranillo up as our wine to be tasted, which is a Spanish wine variety which has thrived on the Granite Belt,” said Mr Williams.

Amongst the rarer alternate varieties in the pack are an Alvarinho, a Muscat / Gewürztraminer, a Shiraz / Rousanne, a Viognier, a Cabernet Malbec and a Verdelho from none other than the ‘King of the Verdelho Robert Channon. The rarest taste in the pack comes from Ballandean Estate, whose Saperavi / Durif blend is reportedly a one-of-a-kind world-wide.

The inclusion of so many lesser known varieties in the tasting offering reflects the Granite Belt wine region’s growing reputation as one of Australia’s top producers of alternative variety wines – known on the Granite Belt as Strange Bird Wines. Enjoyed in Europe for generations, these alternative varieties are now emerging as Australian favourites due to their ability to match perfectly with our food preferences. To be called an alternative, a variety must represent not more than 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia as defined by Wine Australia.

To access the expert tasting sessions, wine tasters order the case of wines for delivery and are automatically provided free access to the expert Zoom tasting sessions. Tasting sessions will be delivered across four fortnightly live Zoom sessions, with the first being held 6.30pm on 29th July. The 12 pack of wines is available at a 15% discount on retail price at $379.10 plus delivery and can be ordered via www.hiddencreek.com.au

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