Gardening trivia to stretch the brain

Some of the winning entries from the 2019 Spring Flower Show - proof of what can be done in the garden even in a time of drought...

By Beatrice Hawkins

I think it is about time we had a bit of light hearted trivia about gardening. With things so desperate regarding town water restrictions and the lawns looking so awful – I think my lawnmower has been out of the shed twice so far this year. I believe it is time to find something to laugh about, bring a smile to our faces or at the very least learn something new! It will rain again and then we’ll all be complaining about having to spend our days off cutting grass and getting rid of weeds.

Test your knowledge with a quiz. The answers will be printed separately or maybe next week!

1.To which 2 continents are the cactus family native?

2.What is the term for a garden of plants adapted to arid conditions?

3.In the language of flowers which one beginning with the letter B means “beware”

4.Again in the language of flowers what does a Bluebell mean?

5.Which garden herb has a summer and winter variety?

6.What is the English meaning of the German word “Edelweiss”?

7.Veronica has small purple flowers. What is another name for this herb?

8.Which herb has a name that means “wise old person”?

9.What is the common name of Papaver Alpinum?

10.Gardening that does not use soil is called?

11.What pretty small flower shares its name with a musical instrument?

12.Which orange flower is called the “flower of the dead” in Mexico?

13. What flower is associated with rebirth in the Buddhist religion?

14.The delicate, perfumed white bells of this plant are highly poisonous.


Well that is enough trivia for this week.

Last week the annual Spring Flower Show was a wonderful display especially given the conditions over the last many months. It was a credit to the perseverance, dedication, resourcefulness and tenacity of our local gardeners. A big thank you to all who participated and to those who came to see. To those who didn’t come.. you will never know what you missed!!

Don’t forget to look out for the displays in floral window competition over the weekend.

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