Golden girl is special guest

Charlotte Caslick.

Fifty years on and members of the 1968 Warwick and District Under 18 grand final teams, Stanthorpe and Tenterfield, will get together this Saturday night, 8 September, at the Stanthorpe RSL.

The grand final trophy, the Locke Cup, belonged to Stanthorpe after two weeks of torrid football. An unbeaten Tenterfield side had their colours lowered not once but twice in the finals. At the time Tenterfield, who won the Minor Premiership and were unbeaten throughout the season, exercised their right of challenge. In the replay of the final Stanthorpe again got the better of the Tenterfield side to be named Premiership winners.

The two former captains, Casey O’Connor (Stanthorpe) and Brian Petrie (Tenterfield), said the former players were looking forward to catching up as many had lost touch over the years.

There are sure to be plenty of tall stories, extravagant tries and spectacular passes but the highlight of the night will be the evening’s special guest, Golden Girl Charlotte Caslick.

Caslick, who after winning gold at the Rio Olympics became the face of the Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens team, will be joined on Saturday night by her partner Lewis Holland – a member of the Australian Men’s Rugby Sevens team – and her family.

The 23 year old has twice been crowned the World Women’s Sevens Player of the Year and guests will have the chance to meet the pair and hear first-hand Charlotte’s story and her thoughts on the popularity and growth of the Sevens and the recent strides in women’s sport.

Enquiries about Saturday’s dinner to Casey O’Connor on 0438 813 942.

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